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rhombus vs. parallelogram

rhombus vs. parallelogram: What's the difference?

A parallelogram is a shape with four sides in which the opposite sides are parallel to each other. A rhombus is a specific type of parallelogram in which all four sides are the same length. When the four corners of a parallelogram are right angles (meaning none of the sides are slanted), it’s called a rectangle. When the four corners of a four-sided shape are right angles and its sides are all the same length, it’s called a square.

[ rom-buhs ]
  1. an oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram; any equilateral parallelogram except a square.
  2. an equilateral parallelogram, including the square as a special case.
  3. a rhombohedron.
[ par-uh-lel-uh-gram ]
  1. a quadrilateral having both pairs of opposite sides parallel to each other.

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