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rubella vs. rubeola

rubella vs. rubeola: What's the difference?

Rubeola is the disease commonly known as measles, while rubella is a similar but separate disease. Both are caused by viruses and can result in skin rashes, upper respiratory infections, and fevers. Rubella is typically milder and not as contagious. Both were once common in children but incidence has been greatly reduced by the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine for children (commonly abbreviated MMR).

[ roo-bel-uh ]
  1. a usually mild contagious viral disease characterized by fever, mild upper respiratory congestion, and a fine red rash lasting a few days: if contracted by a woman during early pregnancy, it may cause serious damage to the fetus.
[ roo-bee-uh-luh, roo-bee-oh-luh ]
  1. measles.

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