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sporophyte vs. gametophyte

sporophyte vs. gametophyte: What's the difference?

Some plants and algae alternate between sexual and asexual reproduction each generation, and sporophyte and gatemetophyte are names for the forms of the plant or algae in different stages in this process. The sporophyte is the form in the asexual stage, and the gametophyte is the form in the sexual stage. The sporophyte will produce spores that grow into the gametophyte, while the gametophyte produces a zygote that grows into a sporophyte.

[ spawr-uh-fahyt, spohr- ]
  1. the form of a plant in the alternation of generations that produces asexual spores.
[ guh-mee-tuh-fahyt, gam-i- ]
  1. the sexual form of a plant in the alternation of generations.

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