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subluxation vs. dislocation

subluxation vs. dislocation: What's the difference?

Subluxation and dislocation refer to types of joint injuries. A subluxation occurs when two adjoining bones get pulled partially out of position, but still touch. A dislocation occurs when they no longer touch. In the shoulder, for example, a subluxation would occur when the arm was partially out of its socket, and a dislocation when it was fully out of its socket.

[ suhb-luhk-sey-shuhn ]
  1. a partial dislocation, as of a joint; sprain.
[ dis-loh-key-shuhn ]
  1. an act or instance of dislocating.
  2. the state of being dislocated.
  3. (in a crystal lattice) a line about which there is a discontinuity in the lattice structure.

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