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toffee vs. caramel

toffee vs. caramel: What's the difference?

Toffee and caramel can both refer to types of candy. Toffee is sugar, butter, and water cooked together, typically until it’s hard and crunchy. Toffee also may contain nuts. Caramel is made either of sugar, water, and cream, or of just sugar, and can be cooked to a variety of textures depending on whether it will be used as a sauce or to make a standalone, and often chewy, candy.

[ taw-fee, tof-ee ]
  1. a brittle or chewy brown candy made of sugar or molasses boiled down with butter, often mixed with nuts.
  2. taffy.
[ kar-uh-muhl, -mel, kahr-muhl ]
  1. a liquid made by cooking sugar until it changes color, used for coloring and flavoring food.
  2. a kind of chewy candy, commonly in small blocks, made from sugar, butter, milk, etc.
  3. a yellowish brown or tan color.

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