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turbofan vs. turbojet

turbofan vs. turbojet: What's the difference?

A turbofan is a more advanced type of turbojet engine. A turbojet sucks in air and compresses it, creating combustion of fuel. A turbofan has a large fan that sucks in a lot of air, but only part of it is used to fuel the engine’s combustion, the rest exiting as exhaust. This makes it less noisy and more powerful.

[ tur-boh-fan ]
  1. a jet engine having a large impeller that takes in air, part of which is used in combustion of fuel, the remainder being mixed with the products of combustion to form a low-velocity exhaust jet.
[ tur-boh-jet ]
  1. turbojet engine.
  2. an airplane equipped with one or more turbojet engines.

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