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What does AFBB mean?

AFBB is an acronym standing for alpha fux beta bux, used in the incel community. It is meant to describe a woman who dates higher status alpha males, but will marry a timid beta.

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Examples of AFBB

So, there you have it, what the sphere would say is a classic AFBB situation so that husband must be beta and that guy she was banging alpha, according to prevalent sphere logic.
Liz, July, 2015
I was trying to see AFBB from a female perspective, and tried to think of a female equivalent. The closest thing I've come up with is the hoe and the housewife, and everyone knows you can't turn a hoe into a housewife.
@easyrandomguy, 2015

AFBB is not "thinking with vagina". it's the perfect strategy. you got to respect something so cunningly,ruthlessly effective.

On some level this teacher who deals with children cognitively is aware of her strategy, at least the BB part.

@kinklianekoff, 2014

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