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What does AFC mean?

AFC is an acronym that means average frustrated chump. It’s a term associated with self-identified incels and implies that men might only be frustrated because women and feminism are destroying their sex lives.

AFC also stands for American Football Conference.

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Examples of AFC

(typical afc with average looks, not cool but not lame, few friends, confidence on the lower end)
CompleteLoser69, Reddit forum, 2018
My intent here isn’t to provide you with a list of criteria that qualifies an AFC (“you might be a chump if,..”), rather it’s to give you some basic understanding to clarify the term, and round out the idea of what an AFC is., 2011
Here are 8 things they teach over there, and in pretty much any PUA boot camp that purports to help average frustrated chumps, or AFC’s for short.
Tim Henares,, April, 2018

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