What does FIY mean?

FIY is a hashtag on social media that means fix it yourself.

Related words:

  • DIY
Examples of FIY


Examples of FIY
A lifesaver! Fix your broken eyeshadow by adding drops of rubbing alcohol and pressing it together. #TidyLiving #Tips #Makeup #FIY #LifeHack
@tidy_living, March, 2017
When your out of warranty, overpriced @Dyson handheld refuses to work; YouTube to the rescue. No duct tape needed. #DIY #FIY #fixityourself
@Tedesco, January, 2018
I’m no longer doing DIY. It’s FIY cause I’m FIXIng things myself. #FIY
@fortbirthday, February, 2018
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