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What does GOTE mean?

GOTE is the acronym for an eSports charity based in Tampa, Florida called Gamers on the Edge.

Examples of GOTE

Really need to step up my photography game. I need to get more into eSports photography. Come to GoTE this week if you wanna be in some.
@8BitTheWitch, October, 2017
Who is your favorite smash player? Until i dropped Rob mine was @8BrettMan i used to think his tag alone was the coolest. When i started competing and i figured out he went to GoTE back in the day, i used to pray he would come back someday so i can play with him LOL
@Backpakk, February, 2018
Taking any money matches(up to $5) in Mario Power Tennis at GOTE tonight, with my earnings going to @GamersOnTheEdge Prob playing If i win 10, i will sponsor someone to go to GOTE footgolf on Saturday, 4/7!
@AdmiralFunk, April, 2018

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