What does RIH stand for?

RIH is a textspeak acronym used on the internet for rot in hell or rest in heaven.

Fans of pop singer Rihanna also use Rih as a shortening of her name.

Related words:

  • RIP
  • Beyonce (Bey)
Examples of RIH


Examples of RIH
Rapist lynched by mob in Nagaland. Succumbs to injuries. RIH : ROT IN HELL
@royally_fiery, March, 2015
RIH DJ Official, never got to meet you but know you're resting with Christ forever in heaven! We will meet one day!
@Aasha_Marie, August, 2016
I know Rih is enjoying this role as the Avon lady, but sis...we need new music...for the love of god, PLEASE!
@bvrgexx, June, 2018
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