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What does RBF mean?

RBF is an acronym that means resting bitch face, a term that refers to a woman’s face when she is thinking, resting, or simply not trying to look pleasant. Many consider it an offensive, sexist concept and term.

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Examples of RBF

Oh, she must be bitchy. Which makes the fact that we casually bat the term RBF around seem not quite as harmless as we thought.
Petra Guglielmetti,, January, 2016
People with RBF are being misunderstood​ all the time, so they have to work extra hard on making sure they get across what they actually want to say, in the tone they intend to.
Wil Jones, Indy 100, May, 2018
I hate when guys tell me to smile... like leave my hateful ass alone 🙄 #RBF
@courtneyykinz, May, 2018

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