What does SWAG mean?

The acronym swag means stuff we all get, and it usually refers to free promotional or marketing items. Yup, it's an acronym!

It's often spelled out in lower case letters, no periods, appearing more like a word than an acronym.

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Examples of SWAG


Examples of SWAG
Here’s our list of proven trade show giveaways and swag gifts that are sure to create a buzz at your next trade show.
Tom Hand, AceExhibits.com, November, 2015
But often, they also leave with an armload of conference swag from trade show participants, sponsors and the organizers.
Erin Bury, Mashable.com, May, 2011
Texter 1: Ace hotel room and even better swag bags

Texter 2: yeah the makeup swag rocks!

Who uses SWAG?

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