What does SWM mean?

SWM is an acronym standing for straight white male or men, which gained popularity after comedian Josh Denny proclaimed it to be "this century's N-word." Many condemned this comparison.

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Examples of SWM


Examples of SWM
six white cis males standing in a circle outside ofmy apt & if this whole thing's not a good depictionof swm inferiority complex idk what is
@madisonraeking, December, 2016
Comparing "SWM" with the N-word is outrageously tone-deaf, inane, and wildly false. I don't care how "persecuted" by "racism" you feel as a white dude, if you think use of the term is equivalent to a slur arising from centuries of SLAVERY AND SEGREGATION, you're crazy.
@markhughesfilms, May, 2018
I’m suspicious of any women who has more straight white male fans than any other demographic. I don’t mind SWM 1-1 or in small groups, but as a community they really have sustained a set of ideals that allows for widespread abuse oppression & exclusion of everyone who isn’t them.
@TheCandyBowers, April, 2018

Who uses SWM?


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