What does VBG mean?

VBG is a textspeak acronym for very big grin. It is sometimes stylized as <vbg> or *vbg* when used in roleplaying games or sites like World of Warcraft.

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Examples of VBG


Examples of VBG
Ppl who make you smile are worth their weight in gold. Hells bells, they're worth *my* weight in gold. <vbg>
@barbarajhancock, July, 2013
@SarahMorgan_ It's not a happy surprise, I'm sure, but have to LOL re: your 'special gifts'. **VBG** you make me smile.
@MMoberlan, September, 2014
Will soon be review'g friends photos now I've got a Facebook page. @davedobbs, got a pic of you with a smile? VBG! You look good either way!
@Ann_Dobbs, November, 2009

Who uses VBG?

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