What does WOC mean?

WOC is an acronym standing for women of color, in terms of race and ethnicity.

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Examples of WOC


Examples of WOC
WoC enjoying themselves, "pampering" themselves, taking care of themselves = gross hedonism in the eyes of white feminists.
@jaythenerdkid, December, 2014
I wish brands would focus on making better bronzer and contour colors for deeper tones of WOC. I always have to test things out.
@TheeOnlyOciera, July, 2017
WOC book characters can have flaws, be weak, foolish, screw up, learn, be imperfect. If you have a prob w/this ask yourself why, don't @ me
@sabaatahir, July, 2017

Who uses WOC?

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