What does WTP mean?

WTP is a textspeak acronym for what's the plan? or what's the play? It's usually used for an evening outing.

It can also be used for we the people, as in the preamble to the United States Constitution.

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Examples of WTP


Examples of WTP
Someone give rolando a summer job im tired of getting a text saying “wtp” at 4 am
@Cleanboimauri, May, 2018
Stop asking “wtp” on a Monday afternoon HOMEWORK RONNIE that’s the play okay now go do it for once
@nahianuddin, May, 2018
There are specific laws against that and if this illegal action can be linked to Soros then WTP must insist an arrest and prosecution be made with jail time for the Max.
@rsultzba, May, 2018
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