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What does WYWTA mean?

WYWTA is a textspeak acronym that means what you wanna talk about? It was mostly used in IM (the good ol’ days), but continues to be used over text messaging.

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Examples of WYWTA

guys who can hold a convo without saying "wywta" >>>
@reaganwoulfe, August, 2015
i love intimacy and genuine conversations.. stay away from "wyd" & "wywta"
@alexandruhr, February, 2016
2 friends asked ‘wyd’ and i said i was having a minor breakdown on the floor in my room and friend one helped me or whatever the fuck and i told friend two about it and she says “yeah me too but in my bed. wywta?” and i appreciated both lol
@kakridge_, June, 2018

Who uses WYWTA?

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