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What does XOX mean?

XOX, or XOXO, means hugs and kisses, with the x representing kisses and the o representing hugs. It’s usually used as a lighthearted way of expressing affection, sincerity, or deep friendship.

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Examples of XOX

...give the boy a hug and kiss from me #xox, not for the money for what's behind. Childrens praying even better then paying.
@Alba_Dalai, May, 2018
My Goodness ... #Husbandmaterial rite here #LadiesandGentlemen ♡ I think I just #FellinLove ;) #XOX
@NANxox2_WOKE, September, 2017
Thank You for #believing in me, @ava! I couldn't be more #grateful or more happy knowing I'm in the @QueenSugarOWN #Family! #xox
@DeManeDavis, July, 2017

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