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  1. Haiku Shows Poetry Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated

  2. YA Authors We Love To Quote

  3. Recite These Drunken Quotes At Your Next Happy Hour

  4. 14 Words Our Favorite TV Characters Got Very, Very Wrong

    When a TV character says something so wildly outlandish that you’re hustling for your app to see if that’s really a word, let’s just say we’re solid fans of the act. It turns out we’re not exactly alone. Some of television’s most lovable characters (and a few unlovable ones too) are known to trip over their tongues. Sometimes, it’s an accident. Other times, well, …

  5. Take A Journey With These Quotes About Exploration And Travel

  6. Why Did These 10 Songs Go Viral?

    A look at the slang and pop culture terms from songs to figure out why these annoyingly catchy songs went viral.

  7. How This Horror Movie Term Became A Real Life Metaphor

    How did the fictional term "sunken place" become an actual term that the Black community uses in real life?
  8. Why Is Thursday Named For a Comic Book Character?

    Maybe you’ve read the comic books or seen some of the Marvel movies that feature a big blond guy named Thor, founding member of the Avengers and brother of Loki. But, Thursday is a bigger tribute to the Norse god of thunder than any movie or comic book upon which it’s based. After all, it is “Thor’s day.” Who is Thor? In Norse mythology, the original Thor …

  9. 8 TV Moments For Grammar Nerds

    1. Tracy Morgan’s schooling on the difference between well and good. Tracy is known for having surprising moments of insight, but this grammar smackdown takes the cake. 2. The time even Oscar Martinez was stumped by English grammar rules. We’ve all faked knowing how to use terms like who and whom (because, really, English is complicated enough). This scene nails that perplexing feeling when faced …

  10. What Does Your Crossword Style Say About You?

    You can tell a lot about a person by their daily habits. Do they make their bed every day? Do they eat the same lunch special? Maybe they’re a bit of a rebel and take each experience as it comes. How about something a little more puzzling. What does your crossword puzzle solving style say about you? Believe it or not, crossword solvers are a …

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