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    “Mean,” “Median,” And “Mode”: What’s The Difference?

    Though we commonly use the word average in everyday life when discussing the number that’s the most “typical” or that’s “in the middle” of a group of values, more precise terms are used in math and statistics. Namely, the words mean, median, and mode each represent a different calculation or interpretation of which value in a data set is the most common or most representative …

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    Literature’s Most Lovable Grumps

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! That cheer-boosting adage works for some people, but others are perfectly happy sucking sour lemons. Literature is full of chipper lemonade-makers, but there’s something about those lemon-sucking grumps that draws readers in. Is it their angsty sarcasm? Their jaded world-weariness? Their stubborn dedication to doom-and-gloom even when everything else is giggles and rainbows? Are Negative Nancys somehow more …

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  5. Physics@Brock

    Inertia vs. Momentum: Which Keeps You Moving?

    Science is real. Science is cool. Science uses a lot of terms that we all think we know. But, do we really know what we are talking about? In the spirit of scientific community and understanding, let’s clear up one big scientific misconception that we all get wrong … Pop quiz: Is it momentum or inertia that keeps you moving? Here’s a hint: In science, inertia is …

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    What It Means To “Double Down” And Other Marketing Jargon You Need To Know

    Marketing is a big industry, but not many people know what a marketers’ day-to-day entails. If you’re considering marketing as a career path or have recently started a venture of your own and you need some help, we have a list of marketing jargon that you probably need to know. We’ll give you the summary of these terms and some basic how-tos … but our …

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    5 Ways To Get A Quality Education Without Going Broke

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