5 Ways Can Save Your A$$ In English Class

Not all heroes wear capes. Hell, some heroes don’t even have appendages. Kind of like, which doesn’t even have to swirl around in a phone booth to get ready to save your hindquarters during those times you’ve been studying for hours, days, or weeks and still can’t remember allegory vs. alliteration.

But, why do we love so much? Well, may be able to help you with your vocabulary, word choice, and etymology, but can help you with the rest (i.e., the fundamentals of the English language). Here’s our top 5 reasons why we love working with them (and why they’ll save your sanity too).

It gets back to the basics ...

The worst thing about college is all the Gen Ed. requirement courses. So, say, if you’re one of those amazing people that willingly majors in math, you will still have to take English courses in order to get all those creds. With their super digestible video summaries, can really clarify the basics in a way that a Wikipedia or Sparknotes search won’t.

Take their English 101: English Literature course, for example, that brings its students all the way back to the people that shaped our language as we know it. Shakespeare?  Check. Chaucer? Check. Add a little bit of Austen and you’ll be taken all the way through books that helped create the ways we now speak. And, who doesn’t love a good video?

... serious basics.

What’s “Old English”? Well it’s not new, obviously, but anyone can tell you that. can give you way, way more.

They offer a full breadth of courses based on original languages, such as Old English, that showcase the literature written in those tongues and, by doing so, bring them back to life. There’s even a Middle English course, literature and all … yup, Middle English is a thing.

The fact that you can follow on a trip through English in all its forms so you can better absorb its many facets and, most importantly, appreciate the organic nature of language is an A+ in our books.  

It teaches us that language is more than just words.

What a language “is” can go beyond just a bunch of syntaxes and fancy guttural noises (something that also gets into here). There’s language in everything.  

For one thing, technology has a language that’s certainly imperative to learn, and has an explanatory course on what exactly programming is (with some examples thrown in there for good measure). And what about body language? With their course: Body Language in the Workplace, you’ll gain practical knowledge that you can use at your actual job … because non-verbal communication is weirdly as important as verbal communication. Trust us, that’s something they won’t teach you in school.

It really makes you think. takes language as it is and places it in a social broader context. Have you ever wondered how or why kids are able to pick up languages so quickly with no prior knowledge or practice? You could learn all about it if you took Historical & Social Influences on Language Acquisition & Development.  

This is just one of the many ways challenges you to really think about language, clearly fleshing out how it develops in our own noggins. It helps us speak the language of languages; try to wrap your brain around that one!

It goes beyond English.

It helps to gain more context and appreciation for your own language if you get a full appreciation for others as well. With you can learn the basics of languages such as Spanish that you can actually use in the real world, like the workplace—basically it’s like Duolingo but you get college credit. Win win.

Or, test your English comprehension for the TOEFL iBT if you’re a non-native English speaker. Should teaching English be a passion of your own, you can even research the steps it takes to become an ESL teacher.     

So go forth and conquer, my friends—there’s a multitude of ways to study at your fingertips.    

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