Dictionary.com’s Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas at Dictionary.com . . .

Not a laptop was stirring . . . just some RAM and some ROMNew words have been logged by our lexicographers with care
They will post them online in the new year to share

The writers were sleeping with tablets on their right
In case new inspiration should arrive in the night

When out in our lobby arose such a noise!
It must be IT with some marvelous new toys

New ways for analysis and word exploration (plus techie gear!)
To help us craft witty slideshows well into the new year

We were mistaken it seems though because it wasn’t IT
It was Santa and his team of reindeer, hoping to expand their vocabulary The jolly, old man visited each employee space
He left something for all, then vanished . . . without a trace

Real or imagined, the sight was wondrous and great
Now, it seems pretty clear we must go look up the word hallucinate.

Happy holidays!

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