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💓 Beating Heart emoji

[bee-ting hahrt ih-moh-jee]

What does💓 Beating Heart emoji mean?

Depicting a pulsing pink or red heart symbol, the beating heart emoji is used as an intensive form of the red heart emoji ❤️, expressing passionate love, happiness, excitement, and even obsession.

It can also be used to convey ideas or feelings of health, vitality, and life.

Where does 💓 Beating Heart emoji come from?

Examples of 💓 Beating Heart emoji

Benedict Cumberbatch at / The Graham Norton Show / He looks soooo adorable 💓
@MirthaEscob4r, April, 2018
.@Pink’s performance was unforgettable. Such artistry. What a MOMENT! 💓💕💗💞💗💕💗 💓#AMAs
@PaulaAbdul, November, 2017
Healthy self💓Heal thy self. Invest in your mind, invest in your health, invest in yourself! A different type of #transformation for tonight 💪🏻⚡️👏🏻
@miarosewellness, Instagram, February, 2018

Who uses 💓 Beating Heart emoji?

Along with other heart-themed emoji, the beating heart emoji is very popular on social media and in text and instant messages to communicate and emphasize a heightened sense of affection.

Its symbolic pulsing is often used to mark an exuberant joy and obsessive-seeming adoration, especially when fans are fawning over a popular singer or actor they love. The emoji is frequently used in a string and paired with other heart emoji for additional effect (e.g., OMG this picture of Justin Bieber 💓💓❤️💕💕💛). In this context, the beating heart emoji can be roughly synonymous with a heartthrob.

The beating heart emoji also often tags expressions of personal love and friendship, “I love you 💓” or “Can’t get enough of my bestie! 💓”

Health bloggers and healthcare providers, especially those focused on cardiovascular health, also incorporate the beating heart emoji into their online messaging. The implication of the emoji in this context is that a beating heart is a healthy heart, essential to overall wellness.

In online content, it is not uncommon to see the beating heart emoji in titles or descriptions of heart health information, workout plans, and  materials about self-improvement, meditation, and yoga. People may also use the beating heart emoji after a particularly revitalizing workout or act of self-care (e.g., I felt so great after my pilates class 💓).

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