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🍺 Beer Mug Emoji

[ beer muhg ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🍺 Beer Mug emoji mean?

The Beer Mug emoji 🍺 depicts a mug full of frosty beer. It is commonly used to represent beer and other alcoholic beverages, bars, night clubs, parties, drunkenness, and good times.

It overlaps in usage with the Clinking Beer Mugs emoji 🍻, and both emoji are likely to be used for International Beer Day, which occurs on the first Friday in August (August 6 in 2021), as well as for celebrations of Oktoberfest in Germany and throughout the world.

If you’re going out for a drink, know what to order thanks to this explainer on different types of beer and their origins.

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Where does 🍺 Beer Mug Emoji come from?

The Beer Mug emoji 🍺 was approved under Unicode 6.0 in 2010. On most major platforms, the emoji depicts a glass mug filled with foamy golden-brown beer spilling over the top. The mug’s handle is on the left on WhatsApp, but all other major platforms depict the handle on the right. Depending on the platform, the emoji may be realistic or stylized.

Beer is an incredibly popular beverage which is available at bars, restaurants, and college parties. For this reason, the Beer Mug emoji 🍺 is a popular emoji used to refer to beer and beer-drinking. The Beer Mug emoji 🍺 is also often used to refer to other alcoholic beverages that don’t have their own emoji such as vodka, rum, whiskey, etc.

Even if beer isn’t mentioned specifically, the Beer Mug emoji 🍺 is often used to refer to occasions where beer is likely to be served, such as house parties and sporting events. Finally, the Beer Mug emoji 🍺 is also likely to be used when referring to drunkenness or intoxication.

Examples of 🍺 Beer Mug Emoji

the city is gonna get drunk tonight 🍺
@patersonjeff, March 4, 2021
I'm playing a frat party tonight at FSU. Someone bring me a keg 🍺🀘
@CHEFSAYMYNAME, September 20, 2017

Who uses 🍺 Beer Mug Emoji?

The Beer Mug emoji 🍺 is a popular emoji that is used to refer to beer, alcoholic beverages, and occasions where people are likely to drink beer.

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