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🍷 Wine emoji

or Wine Glass emoji [ wahyn ih-moh-jee ]

What does the 🍷 Wine emoji mean?

The Wine emoji 🍷 displays a glass of wine. It is commonly used to represent actual and metaphorical wine, alcoholic drinks, romance, fine dining, fancy restaurants, and wealth. It is often used alongside other emoji that depict alcoholic beverages, such as the Cocktail Glass emoji 🍸 and the Beer Mug emoji 🍺. The emoji is also used on May 25, National Wine Day.

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Where does 🍷 Wine emoji come from?

The Wine emoji 🍷, also popularly called Wine Glass emoji, was approved under Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name Wine Glass. On most major platforms, the emoji depicts a wine glass filled with a red wine (there is no white option). Depending on the platform, the wine glass may be depicted realistically or be stylized.

The Wine emoji 🍷 is commonly used to refer to actual wine and is used when speaking metaphorically about wine, as in the phrases β€œwine and dine” and β€œage like a fine wine.”

Because wine is often stereotypically thought of as a drink for the wealthy or elite, the Wine emoji 🍷 is often used to refer to glamorous or luxurious things, such as fancy restaurants or expensive homes. In a related sense, the Wine emoji 🍷 is used to talk about romantic dinners or dates. This is a reference to candlelight dinners (where wine is usually served).

Examples of 🍷 Wine emoji

I'm in first class on this train and it's so posh and fancy 🍷
@Samkingftw, October 28, 2015
Devil Wears Prada just makes me want to drink red wine 🍷
@TheNickAdams, September 10, 2019

Who uses 🍷 Wine emoji?

The Wine emoji 🍷is used to refer to actual and metaphorical mentions of wine.

The Wine emoji 🍷is also used to refer to luxurious things and a wealthy lifestyle.

More generally, the Wine emoji 🍷is used to refer to alcoholic drinks.

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