🇨🇳 - flag for China emoji

or flag for China emoji or Chinese flag emoji

[flag fer chahy-nuh ih-moh-jee]

What does 🇨🇳 mean?

🇨🇳 is the flag for China emoji, used to represent Chinese life and 3000-year-old culture, from the ancient Great Wall to modern megacities like Shanghai.

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Examples of 🇨🇳 - flag for China emoji


Examples of 🇨🇳 - flag for China emoji
Vacation mode officially on! For the next two weeks ! #AsiaTrip2k18 🇭🇰 🇨🇳 🇹🇭 🇰🇷 🇯🇵
@jesus__gomez_, June, 2018
Concluded a successful Crowe Global board of directors meeting this week in Beijing. Thank you members for making the trip and contributing. Strong relationships furthered with our China 🇨🇳 member firm were also accomplished. Safe travels home!
@AllenCMCrowe, June, 2018
🇨🇳 I love Chinese food 🥡 (Yeah) / you know that it’s true (Yeah) 👌🏻👌🏻💯 / I love fried rice 🍚( Yeah) / I love noodles 🍜(Yeah) / I love Chow mein 🥢🥡🥡🥢🥢 / 😋😋🤪 Chow Mo-Mo-Mo-Mo Mo!!!! 😏😋🇨🇳
@gorrissey, June, 2018
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Where does 🇨🇳 - flag for China emoji come from?

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The modern flag of China shown in the emoji has one large golden star in the upper left-hand corner with four smaller gold stars evenly arrayed around it on a deep red background: 🇨🇳.

The flag was designed in 1949 by the newly victorious Communist Party, who had just gained control of mainland China over Chiang Kai-shek in the Chinese Civil War. The red background is said to represent revolution. The five stars represent the Communist Party and the four social classes, according to Mao Zedong: the working class, the peasantry, the petite bourgeoisie, and the national bourgeoisie.


Emoji-wise, the flag for China was added to Unicode’s Emoji 1.0 set in 2015. It appears to be slightly waving on most platforms. Not all operating systems support the flag image, so the flag for China emoji may appear as the letters CN, China’s country code.

Who uses 🇨🇳 - flag for China emoji ?

Like other flag emoji for their respective countries, the flag for China emoji is popular on social media among travelers to China and companies promoting vacations there.

It’s also used to rep all elements of Chinese culture: sports, politics, art, food, language, and so forth. People of Chinese heritage all around the world also raise the flag for China emoji, of course, as well as China’s nearly 1.5 billion people.

Some folks use the flag for China emoji to stand in for the word China for any number of topics—not all as fascinating as food porn.

In fact, lots of posts featuring the flag for China emoji are about business deals. No small surprise, since China has had lots of economic growth in the past decade, to say the least.

Not all uses of the flag for China emoji, though, are positive. The internet and media are variously censored and closely monitored in China, something social-media users note in the West illustrate with lots of 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇨🇳.

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