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🍶 Sake Bottle and Cup emoji

[sah-kee bot-l n kup ih-moh-jee]

What does 🍶 Sake and Cup emoji mean?

Kampai! Cheers! The sake bottle and cup emoji, 🍶, shows a carafe of sake, or Japanese rice wine, and a traditional sake cup.

Especially by people who are Japanese, the emoji is often used for joyous or celebratory occasions that call for the alcoholic beverage, sake. Or, just a nice sushi outing.

Sometimes Westerners confuse the sake bottle and cup emoji for a carton of milk. Fun.

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Where does 🍶 Sake Bottle and Cup emoji come from?

Examples of 🍶 Sake Bottle and Cup emoji

Yakitori, Sake, and the fun team. One perfect dinner 🍶🍢🥢
@tak_kimura, June, 2018
Second foster dog just given forever home. / Some tears. / Then a sake bomber. / 🍶😅 / Cheers to you little Short Stack!
@raadfadaak, June, 2018
Jus seen a bloke walk out of Sainsbury's with a big fat Cuban (cigar) already lit and a pint of semi skimmed milk... Lotto? #bigtime 🚬🍶💰
@JoelHavermans, July, 2017

Who uses 🍶 Sake Bottle and Cup emoji?

The sake bottle and cup emoji is most popular, unsurprisingly, among Japanese people. What is surprising, though, is that Google Trends data shows search interest in the sake bottle and cup emoji limited to Japan and the United States.

The sake bottle and cup emoji is used to illustrate celebrations that involve, well, sake. But this usage is pretty expansive: The sake emoji can be used to indicate any kind of celebratory meal involving drinking and partying, not just exclusively sake drinking.

Because the sake bottle and cup emoji pops up in celebratory situations where folks are drinking, it’s often paired with the clinking beer mugs emoji 🍻 and other alcoholic beverage emoji.

Some Western social-media users mistake the sake bottle and cup emoji as showing a milk carafe or drinking vessels for other beverages. As a result, sake bottle and cup emoji appears not infrequently in posts about breakfast and other lactic treats. That’s a breakfast of champions.

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