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🫡 Saluting Face emoji

[ suh-loot-ing feys ih-moh-jee ]

What does Saluting Face emoji 🫡 mean?

The Saluting Face emoji 🫡 (often simply called the salute emoji) depicts a face with a hand raised in salute. It is sometimes used straightforwardly in reference to a military salute. More generally, it is also often used to show respect and obedience, or in a sarcastic way.

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Where does 🫡 Saluting Face emoji come from?

salute emoji; light blue background

The Saluting Face emoji 🫡 was approved under Unicode 14.0 in 2021. On Google, the emoji depicts a yellow face with a yellow right hand raised in salute. 

The Saluting Face emoji 🫡 was proposed in 2019 by Jennifer Daniel and Shiraz Fuman. According to the proposal, a saluting face was one of the most popularly requested emoji for several years. The proposal stated that the Saluting Face emoji 🫡 could also be used as a general expression of respect or as a face shielding its eyes in addition to representing a military salute.

In 2022, the Saluting Face emoji 🫡 became the focus of news stories after it was reported that it was used in internal communication within the tech industry as a sign of solidarity among fired employees in companies such as Twitter, Meta, and Amazon.

Examples of 🫡 Saluting Face emoji

Not my Lyft driver just told me to put my seatbelt on real sternly 😂😭 I couldn’t even be mad. Yes sir 🫡
@Thebrilashe, March 18, 2023
To the man who ran down the street in sock feet chasing after the ice cream truck on a gray Sunday afternoon, I salute you. 🫡
@rhoboat77, March 19, 2023
In early November, however, as layoffs roiled the company and former employees announced their departures on Twitter, a new image emerged: the saluting-face emoji.
Reyhan Harmanci, The New York Times, November 2022

Who uses 🫡 Saluting Face emoji?

The Saluting Face emoji 🫡 is often used in reference to the military. 

Sometimes, the emoji is used to show respect.

But it is also frequently used sarcastically to feign respect or obedience. 


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