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Who is McLovin?

McLovin is the self-appointed nickname of a nerdy character in the movie Superbad who gains the respect of his peers by successfully purchasing alcohol with a fake ID which states his name as simply McLovin.

Where does McLovin come from?


The 2007 hit comedy Superbad tells the story of high school geeks who are trying to lose their virginities before graduation. The character Fogell, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, plans to obtain a fake ID and ends up promising to provide alcohol for a party at the home of a popular girl, which the group sees as an ideal opportunity to finally have sex. However, the others are dismayed to realize how unconvincing Fogell’s fake ID is, as it states that his name is simply McLovin. In spite of this, McLovin manages to purchase the alcohol and ends up being the only one of his friends to have sex at the party. Because the character’s nerdy yet confident nature pays off and brings him some social success, McLovin is ultimately respected and admired by his peers.

Examples of McLovin

“We're doing half price apps now until 7:00. Proper ID to drink adult beverages though! #McLovin”
@JoeSentMe1 Twitter (March 30, 2017)
“Just ask anyone under 25 who McLovin is—they’ll immediately be able to tell you.”
Christy Lemire, “McLovin steals the show in ‘Superbad’,” The Sun (August 15, 2007)
“McLovin told the The Marlborough Express the name was inspired by the movie Superbad, in which a teen gets a fake driver licence with the name McLovin.”
“Man legally changes his name to 'McLovin' after Superbad character in honour of his close friend who died suddenly,” Daily Mail (October 25, 2016)

Who uses McLovin?

Although the term McLovin is almost always used in specific reference to the movie character, other uses (including the hashtag #McLovin on social media) generally and humorously suggest someone choosing to attempt something thought ridiculous or unlikely with antiheroic confidence. It can also characterize a nerdy white person who tries to come off as tough or “gangsta.”

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