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Filipino American History Month

or Filipino American Heritage Month [ fil-uh-pee-noh uh-mer-i-kuhn his-tuh-ree muhnth ]

What is Filipino American History Month?

Filipino American History Month is a month-long observance in the US in celebration of the culture, contributions, and lives of Americans with Filipino heritage, including Filipino immigrants and their descendants in the US.

The word Filipino is used in reference to people from the Philippines. It is often used regardless of gender, but it is traditionally a masculine form. The feminine form is Filipina. Gender-neutral forms include Filipinx and Filipin@.

The month is sometimes called Filipino American Heritage Month.

It is often observed with educational events and cultural celebrations. The Flag of the Philippines emoji 🇵🇭 is also used to celebrate the month.

Filipino American History Month is distinct from Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which is a broader observance (in May) in honor of all Americans with Asian and Pacific Islander heritage, including Filipino people.

When is Filipino American History Month?

Filipino American History Month is observed each year in October.

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Where does Filipino American History Month come from?

Filipino American History Month was first observed in 1992 based on a proposal by Filipino American National History Society founder Dr. Dorothy Laigo Cordova and her husband Dr. Fred Cordova. National observance of the month was officially declared in 2009.

Filipino American History Month is celebrated in October to commemorate the first known arrival of Filipino people in North America—in what became known as Morro Bay, California—in October 1587. Many early Filipino immigrants were sailors aboard Spanish ships.

Examples of Filipino American History Month

Hello hello! Did you know? There are approximately 7,641 islands in the Philippines. That's about 534 more than the Philippines was previously thought to have! Happy Filipino-American Heritage Month! We’ll see you at FAHMily PHeud this Thursday~
@fasauncg, October 21, 2018
hi everyone i wrote a thing generally about filipino american heritage month and more specifically about my conflicting feelings around being [labeled] "filipino american"
@janelle_cpp, October 19, 2020
The start of October officially marked the beginning of Filipino American History Month, a month-long recognition of Filipino American events, experiences, and people who have made contributions to American society.
Steve Duncan, USC Annenberg Media, October 23, 2019

Who uses Filipino American History Month?

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  • Filipino Americans are the second-largest Asian American ethnic group in the US.

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