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French Open

[ french oh-puhn ]

What is the French Open?

The French Open is a major tennis tournament held annually in Paris, France. It is one of the four tennis tournaments considered grand slam competitions, along with the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

It is the only major tournament to be played on clay courts, which have a distinctive red hue. It includes both singles and doubles events for men and women. Because the event is an open tournament, both professional and amateur tennis players can compete.

The French Open is sometimes called the Roland-Garros because it is played in Stade Roland Garros (Roland Garros Stadium) in Paris, which is named after French aviator Roland Garros.

⚡️When is the French Open?

The 2024 French Open will be held from May 20 to June 9, with the main rounds starting on May 26.

The French Open typically begins during the last week in May.

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Where does French Open come from?

The French Open began in 1891 as the French Clay-Court Championships. In 1925, it was opened to international competitors. The event was originally reserved for amateur players, but in 1968 it was opened to professional players and became known as the French Open.

Examples of French Open

Third time Nadal has won the French Open four times in a row: '05-'08 (4) '10-'14 (5) '17-'20 (4) #rolandgarros2020
@Tennis_Jon, October 11, 2020
What a day:
  • American Pharoah wins Triple Crown
  • Barça wins Champions League
  • Serena Williams wins French Open
... & Stanley Cup is back!
@SportsCenter, June 6, 2015
She is the first Polish player to win a major singles title. She is also the youngest French Open winner since . . . Rafa Nadal, in 2005. We can only hope that she and her talented young peers—among them Bianca Andreescu, who won the U.S. Open last year; Ash Barty, the 2019 French Open winner; Naomi Osaka, who won the U.S. Open last month, for her third major; and Kenin, too, who is only twenty-one and won the Australian Open this year—stay healthy and hatch a rivalry or two.
Gerald Marzorati, The New Yorker, October 11, 2020

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Did you know … ?

  • The French Open was the first of the major tennis tournaments to become an open and allow professional players to compete.
  • The tournament, which is played on clay, is considered the end of what’s known as “clay court season.”

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