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For Preschool & Kindergarten Kids

Parents: try these ELA learning games for preschool and kindergarten kids and families!

Rhyming Catch & Other Learning Games!

Teach Writing With Shaving Cream & More Activities

Teach Color, Animal, & More Vocab Words

How Do Kids Learn To Write?

A teacher explains!

Fun Ways To Help Kids Learn Letters

Activities To Help Kids Decode Words

Vocab Coloring Pages For Bored Kids

9 Silly Words Parents Should Teach Kids

Unique Ways To Teach Kids About Synonyms

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For Elementary Students

Help your elementary school kids grasp ELA concepts with learning games, writing activities, and quizzes that develop their skills.

Play Planet Tag & More ELA Games

Vocab Coloring Pages For Bored Kids

Writing Prompts For Young Kids

Try This Elementary Punctuation Quiz

Teach Vocab With A Comic Strip & More

Refresher: Subjects & Predicates

Constellation Search & More

Science vocab games!

Refresher: 5th Grade Homework Cheat Sheet

9 Silly Words Parents Should Teach Kids

For Middle School Students

Guide your middle school kids through appropriate ELA concepts with these learning games, writing activities, and quizzes.

Exquisite Corpse & More Word Games

Words In The News

Learn complex vocab!

Scary Stories & Other Writing Activities

Let Kids Practice Writing With Assistance

Try This Middle School Punctuation Quiz

Compete In Our Grammar Gameshow!

A Thesaurus.com Treasure Hunt!

Help Kids Prepare For High School

Let your middle school kids immerse themselves in high school ELA concepts with these articles, word activities, and quizzes.

Words To Know For High School

“Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” & More

Write About Literary Grumps & More

Tips For College Application Essays

Prepare For College With These Words

Are You Ready For 10th Grade?

Try this vocab test!

Prepare For 9th Grade With This Quiz

How To Make Screen Time Educational

Dictionary.com doesn’t just spell F-U-N. We give you teaching activities to help kids learn while watching TV.

Try This Disney Movie Vocab Challenge

A Harry Potter Family Vocabulary Challenge

Inconceivable! Play '80s Family Movie Vocab Bingo