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No. meme

or No. rage face or No. face or No.

What does No. meme mean?

The No. rage face is an image of a surly, disgusted face used online to express disapproval or refusal.

Where does No. meme come from?

No. meme
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On August 10, 2010, artist Chris Farral, under the username Up2Admin, posted the image that would become known as the No. rage face on a forum dedicated to Cheat Engine, a program used to modify computer games. The drawing depicts a face with an exaggerated scowl and furrowed brow.

Within a year, the image was being incorporated into the user-made online comics known as rage comics, where the No. face is often used humorously to express an irritated disapproval or a refusal to do something, often mundane or everyday tasks, e.g., in response to a computer prompt to update a password or a mother’s request for a child take a shower. One of the earliest examples appeared on the meme-sharing website Memebase. In the first panel, the cartoon character Dora the Explorer says “say it with me.” In the second panel, Farral’s drawing is captioned with “NO.”

In August 2011, the No. rage face was added to the site All the Rage Faces, which aimed to catalog the faces in use in rage comics. A Facebook fan page titled “No! (Rage Face)” appeared. In September 2011, Farral himself posted the image on his DeviantArt account with the title “Nope.” A comment in December notes that the user had seen the image on the videogame subforum of the message board site 4chan, underscoring the meme’s spread online.

Examples of No. meme

“So my lovely tweeps whats up and about in your lives... everything ok? Do i have more followers... eeeeh.. no! *The Rage Comic NO face*”
Ali Waqas Aulakh @bonbondude Twitter (May 2, 2012)
“'Can we cuddle?' *rage 'no' face* 'Fine.. I didn't want to anyways..' 'Yes you did.'”
@Samurai_Jenn Twitter (May 8, 2012)
“I think this is where the 'No' face rage comic dude would be appropriate XD LOL but I suppose I'll share this time.... ;)”
@Jilly_on_MARS Twitter (December 25, 2012)

Who uses No. meme?

Outside of its appearance in online comics, the No. rage face is also used in memes and as a reaction image, posted to register a put-upon displeasure, often in response to a basic request or to another user’s behavior.

Although the No. rage face is usually copied and pasted online, some users will write out “No. rage face” for the same effect.

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