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The Hacker Known as 4Chan


What does The Hacker Known as 4Chan mean?

The Hacker Known as 4Chan is a nonexistent person jokingly blamed for various cybercrimes.

Where does The Hacker Known as 4Chan come from?

Examples of The Hacker Known as 4Chan

“Forget Mr. Robot—Elliot's actually the hacker known as 4chan.”
santhorin Reddit (Jul 7, 2015)
“I sincerely hope the hacker known as 4chan doesn't leak my nudes for writing this article.”
Will Hicks @William__Hicks Twitter (March 13, 2016)
“On February 11th, the Hacker known as 4chan got his hands on the meme and teamed up with the forces of the Alt Right and they perverted this meme, turning it into a hate symbol...”
Quincy Frey, “Right Wing Dove Squad: How Trash Doves Became The Symbol of The Alt Right,” Medium (February 13, 2017)

Who uses The Hacker Known as 4Chan?

Following the above flubs, tech-savvy people began to attribute other hacking events and all manner of cybercrimes to the mysterious Hacker Known as 4Chan. Pictures of masked men, especially wearing the Guy Fawkes mask associated with the group Anonymous, are sometimes snarkily captioned as the Hacker Known as 4Chan. Behind the jokes, though, is a critique of the occasionally uninformed or inept way some outlets report on technology news. The Hacker Known as 4Chan can also be a stand-in for any internet bogeyman.

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