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cake farts

or cakefarts [keyk fahrts]

What does cake farts mean?

Cake farting is the act of sitting on, or squatting over, a cake and then farting on said cake.

Cake Farts refers to a viral fetish video featuring a young woman cake farting.

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Where does cake farts come from?

cake farts

Cakefarts.com was a shock website first uploaded in July, 2008. It only featured a video of a woman, who was nude from the waist down, saying “You know what I like the most?” before sitting on a homemade cake and farting repeatedly. Before cakefarts.com, fart-fetish videos had been around on the internet since at least 2005, internationally. Cake farting intersects with another fetish, known as sploshing or wet and messy fetishism, in which people get sexually aroused by the application of liquid on their bodies.

The video and website gained attention online almost immediately, and it started spreading via social media and forums. During the same month the video went live, Vice wrote a brief appreciation post about it. Also in July, 2008, YouTubers started posting reaction videos to the Cake Farts video. Because of the NSFW nature of the actual video’s content, those people who posted reaction videos weren’t able to show the actual video. This likely generated further curiosity about the original video.

In August, 2013, the video saw a spike of renewed popularity when Rachel Bloom, a comedic singer and star/co-creator of TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, uploaded a song on YouTube about Cake Farts that gave a fictionalized backstory to the woman in the video. In 2016, extremely popular YouTuber PewDiePie uploaded a series of videos titled “10 Things You Should Never Google (WARNING GROSS).” This led to another huge surge in searches for the term.

The original website has since been taken down, but the video itself was re-uploaded to PornHub, where it continues to draw interest.

Examples of cake farts

i think about what the girl who starred in the cake farts video is doing at least once a week. i hope she’s ok
@moistenedrat, January, 2018
You know what separates Cake Farts from the rest of the momentarily-humorous joke porn herd? Attention to detail.
Viceland, Vice, July, 2008
People are strange. Cake farts. Google it, or don't. Wait don't Google it. Wait you're JT and sang about dicks in boxes.. Google it.
@Kells31781, January, 2018

Who uses cake farts?

The phrase cake farts still comes up online, mostly on social media and YouTube, where it pretty much exclusively refers to the viral video itself.

Know Your Meme

Because it’s both a sexual fetish video and about farting, it’s not exactly a topic for dinnertime conversation.

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