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comicon [ kom-ik-kon ]

What is Comic-Con?

A comic-con is a convention (con, for short) focused on comic books and related forms of pop culture entertainment, including movies, TV shows, and video games.

The term comic-con is a general one and comic-cons are held in many locations, but the term often specifically refers to San Diego Comic-Con (officially known as Comic-Con International: San Diego), which is the most well-known event of its kind.

Other well-known comic-cons include those held annually in New York and Seattle.

In general, comic-cons often feature a variety of events, notably panels with entertainment industry professionals, including artists, writers, actors, and directors. Fans who attend comic-cons often participate in cosplay—dressing up as fictional characters.

In general, comic-con is sometimes spelled comicon, and a comic-con is sometimes called a con for short (though this can be applied to any convention). San Diego Comic-Con is sometimes abbreviated as SDCC.

⚡️When is Comic-Con?

San Diego Comic-Con is usually held annually in July. In 2023, San Diego Comic-Con will be held from July 20–23.

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Where does Comic-Con come from?

The first San Diego Comic-Con was held in 1970 and was called San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Con.

The con in comic-con is short for convention. Comic books, often simply called comics, got their name because early comic strips were primarily humor-based (superheroes and other genres became popular later).

Examples of Comic-Con

Marvel Fans... I just saw a preview of what Marvel is showing at Comic-Con. You are about to get your mind blown! Best I've seen yet. Kaboom.
@MarkRuffalo, July 13, 2017
As always, I had SUCH an amazing time with everybody at comic-con!! Love y'all and I'm so grateful for all of the passion and excitement!
@jarpad, July 27, 2014
The problem: What goes over well at Comic-Con does not necessarily work in the real world, at least on the scale that Hollywood needs.
Brooks Barnes, New York Times, July 19, 2013

Who uses Comic-Con?

Did you know … ?

  • The San Diego Comic-Con usually draws more than 100,000 attendees.
  • The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, which honor professionals in the comic industry, have been awarded in conjunction with San Diego Comic-Con since 1988.

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