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Corrlinks and JPay

[kohr-lingks and jey-pey]

What does Corrlinks and JPay mean?

Corrlinks and JPay is a 2017 song by rapper Kodak Black. It references the prison-communication services CorrLinks and JPay in a commentary on life in prison.

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Where does Corrlinks and JPay come from?

Corrlinks and JPay

Florida-based rapper Kodak Black (Dieuson Octave) released “Corrlinks and JPay” on his debut album Painting Pictures in March, 2017. The title refers to the companies CorrLinks and JPay, which provide email and money-transfer services between people in prison and their loved ones, families, and friends.

Kodak Black’s reference to these prison services might be the best known, but it isn’t novel, with rapper E-40, for instance, incorporating both Corrlinks and JPay into the lyrics of his 2016 “What It’s Gone Be.”

The chorus of “Corrlinks and JPay” simply repeats those names, implying that a life of drugs and crime only culminates in a dependency on the service for contact with loved ones and survival behind bars. As Kodak Black sums it up in his second verse: “For all my niggas waitin’ on some pictures through the Corrlinks / I know your people ain’t keep it real like they supposed to be / Go send your niggas some money through JPay so he can eat.”

And, Kodak Black can speak to Corrlinks and JPay from experience, as he was sentenced to a prison term just a year after his popular album dropped.

While “Corrlinks and JPay” didn’t chart on Billboard, other singles like “Tunnel Vision” from Painting Pictures did.

Examples of Corrlinks and JPay

blunt rn with corrlinks and jpay playing
@Crookk40, April, 2018
That’s exactly what I said about some Kodak tracks . I don’t like him overall as an artist but I respect his struggle. Don’t critique a struggle you know NOTHING about. Listen to Corrlinks and Jpay that’s REAL SHIT
@Meami_Ami, January, 2018
Kodak’s tone on “Corrlinks and Jpay” is as if he’s speaking directly to his audience and fans...Even though he talks about selling drugs and robbing he also talks about the negatives of that lifestyle and potentially ending up in jail with no one to talk to because they genuinely did not care for you.
Corey G, NewSickMusic, 2017

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Some fans of Kodak Black comment on “Corrlinks and JPay” as one of his best tracks:

Other people like to quote the lyrics of “Corrlinks and JPay” or note they are rocking out to the song.

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