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dragon energy

[drag-uh n en-er-jee]

What does dragon energy mean?

Dragon energy is technically a metaphor used in Taoist magic to express an essence of creation or power.

Kanye West took this metaphor and used it for his own personal gain on Twitter recently, redefining it to mean someone who is a natural leader with instincts and foresight.

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Where does dragon energy come from?

Examples of dragon energy

Dragon Energy sounds like a shitty caffeine drink I would have paired with Popov vodka when I was 20
@WhitneyCummings, April, 2018
Is dragon energy comparable to Charlie sheen's tiger blood?
@StacieKantar, April, 2018
Still wondering how one obtains "Dragon Energy"?
@briton_bond, May, 2018

Who uses dragon energy?

Although he was not the first to use the words dragon and energy together, West’s usage helped pushed the phrase into social-media popularity, where it’s used by people in jokes about West and in place of the word energy itself. For example, someone might say they’re really low on dragon energy today.

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