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National Hangover Day

[nash-uh-nl hang-oh-ver dey]

What does National Hangover Day mean?

You might know it better as New Year's Day, but the humorous holiday of National Hangover Day is also unofficially celebrated on January 1. After all the partying from New Year's Eve, better have the aspirin ready.

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Where does National Hangover Day come from?

National Day Calendar

There are several claims to National Hangover Day. A joking, one-off reference comes in a 1993 review of a concert by the jam band Phish. Urban Dictionary includes an entry for National Hangover Day for January 1st in 2005, along with many humorous variations in the late 2000s (e.g., “Every day since I started college.”)


In December 2009, Warner Bros. marketed the DVD release of its hit comedy film The Hangover by declaring January 1st National Hangover Day. This event corresponds with the greatest search interest in National Hangover Day on Google.

The National Day Calendar, a popular website which tracks of all those hashtag holidays you see around the internet, added National Hangover Day in 2015. It says it was dreamt up by two friends who observed that many of their peers year too busy nursing headaches on January 1st to kick off their New Year’s resolutions.

Examples of National Hangover Day

First national hangover day that I’m not celebrating with a hangover in like 8 years.
@WellieBoyce, January 2018
If Trump ever gets removed from office or resigns, the whole following day should be tabbed National Hangover Day. #WorldsLargestCelebration
@prestoawake123, August 2018
National Hangover Day is almost here. / That’s right. New Year’s Eve is fun and all, but it’s the day after that we’re here to address. / While New Year’s Day is an official American holiday, Jan. 1 is also unofficially dedicated to recognizing that much of the world will wake up with nasty hangovers after ringing in the new year with plenty of alcoholic beverages.
Abby Hamblin, The San Diego Union-Tribune, December 2017

Who uses National Hangover Day?

Outside New Year’s Day, any holiday or occasion after excessive drinking may be called National Hangover Day. Culprits include the days after St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, and the Super Bowl.

Nevertheless, mentions of National Hangover Day and the hashtag #NationalHangoverDay spike on January 1st.

Food and drink blogs are quick to offer drink recipesparticularly Bloody Marys, as they’re thought to “cure” hangovers and are also celebrated on January 1st, National Bloody Mary Dayand ways to combat a hangover. The best tips? Drink responsibly.

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