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or NTR [neh-tuh-rah-ray]

What does netorare mean?

Netorare is a genre of anime, manga, or video game focused on infidelity. Commonly a subgenre of pornographic hentai anime, netorare storylines typically focus on the internal distress caused by one member in a relationship cheating on the other.

Where does netorare come from?


The Japanese netorare (寝取られ) translates to “to be taken off.” The term is often loosely translated as “cuckold” as well, which refers to the husband or boyfriend of an adulteress. These translations demonstrate the NTR genre’s emphasis on the feelings of the individual who was cheated on (not the feelings of the individual who cheated).

One of the most popular netorare anime shows is “Triangle Blue,” released in two episodes in 2010. This show is often cited as the classic example of netorare in anime. Since then, Google searches for netorare have steadily increased, and the genre is making its way from manga and anime into video games.

Examples of netorare

I'm just curious, can the romance "Toilers of the Sea" (1866) from Victor Hugo be considered "soft netorare"?
@cesarakg, August 2016
everytime I see a nerdy looking glasses-wearing protagonists in anime/manga, I immediately think that they look like they belong in a netorare scenario. Fucking cucks.
@OffensiveIan, January 2018
Porn isn’t just porn (erotica and pornography). To its adicionados it has as many classifications and subdivisions as any other genre, and this anime falls into the netorare division: stories about sluts who cheat on their oblivious boyfriends.
Jonathan Clements & Helen McCarthy, The Anime Encyclopedia, 2015

Who uses netorare?

Netorare is a common word among fans, with three full pages of stories tagged on Archive of Our Own, a popular fanfiction site, and 20 stories on FanFiction.net. Fans often write about their strong opinions of the genre: Some enjoy exploring the main character’s emotional journey and some find these emotions uncomfortable or repelling.

Individuals outside the world of anime and manga might not have heard of the term or its abbreviation NTR—especially followers of Indian entertainment and politics who know NTR as a nickname for celebrity and politician Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao.

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