[proh-dish-ee-oh-foh-bee-uh] or [proh-dih-tee-oh-foh-bee-uh]

What does proditiophobia mean?  

Do you have a niggling worry that your friends are out to get you? Or, that your partner is going to double-cross you?


Then you might be suffering from proditiophobia, the fear of being betrayed by someone you love.

Examples of proditiophobia


Examples of proditiophobia
It's the month of proditiophobia people. Hai Scorpios 👋
@saraswatiindah, October, 2014
proditiophobia is the main reason shit never works for me.
@KushAndretti, June, 2014
Proditiophobia is a restless feeling of being betrayed and a sense of being emotionally secured in life is a mirage.
Dishi Solanki, Melting Biscuit Chronicles, September, 2015

Where does proditiophobia come from?

Phobias are psychological conditions characterized by an extreme fear of something, whether it’s spiders (arachnophobia), being outside (agoraphobia), heights (acrophobia), or, in this case, being betrayed by someone you love (proditiophobia).

Gaithersburg / Whisper

Phobia comes from Greek word phobos, meaning “fear.” Phobia has been used as a combining word for various fears since the 18th century, sometimes in playful formulations (e.g., politicophobia, or “fear of politicians”), clinical anxieties (claustrophobia, “fear of enclosed spaces”), or hatred (xenophobia, “intense dislike of foreigners”).

Proditiophobia is a more observational formation, meant to give a name to a fear of being betrayed—something we can all relate to, but which isn’t exactly pathological. The proditio- in the term comes from the Latin proditio, meaning “betrayal” or “treason.”

Added to Urban Dictionary in 2015, proditiophobia has received some popular attention thanks to internet content pairing zodiac signs with phobias, which has made the rounds in various forms since the mid-2010s. Sorry, Scorpios.

Who uses proditiophobia?

Proditiophobia is an obscure term, occasionally appearing on internet lists or discussions of … obscure –phobia words.

People may use proditiophobia to explain why they have intimacy issues or can’t trust others. Someone who suffers from proditiophobia is said to be proditiophobic.

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