sign of the zodiac

noun Astrology.

one of the twelve constellations along the path of the ecliptic.
(in contemporary Western astrology) one of the twelve divisions of the ecliptic, each consisting of 30 degrees, marked off from the point of the vernal equinox.

Origin of sign of the zodiac

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British Dictionary definitions for sign of the zodiac

sign of the zodiac


any of the 12 equal areas, 30° wide, into which the zodiac can be divided, named after the 12 zodiacal constellations. In astrology, it is thought that a person's psychological type and attitudes to life can be correlated with the sign in which the sun lay at the moment of his birth, with the ascendant sign, and to a lesser extent with the signs in which other planets lay at this timeAlso called: sign, star sign, sun sign See also planet (def. 3), house (def. 9)
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