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[ chahrt ]


  1. a sheet exhibiting information in tabular form.
  2. a graphic representation, as by curves, of a dependent variable, as temperature, price, etc.; graph.
  3. a map, especially a hydrographic or marine map.
  4. an outline map showing special conditions or facts:

    a weather chart.

  5. Astrology. horoscope ( def 1 ).
  6. Jazz. a musical arrangement.
  7. the charts, ratings of the popularity of popular-music records, usually based on nationwide sales for a given week:

    Their album is number three on the charts this week.

verb (used with object)

  1. to make a chart of.
  2. to plan:

    to chart a course of action.

    Synonyms: outline, draft

  3. Informal. to rank in the charts:

    The new song gets charted number four this week.



abbreviation for

  1. (in prescriptions) a paper.


/ tʃɑːt /


  1. a map designed to aid navigation by sea or air
  2. an outline map, esp one on which weather information is plotted
  3. a sheet giving graphical, tabular, or diagrammatical information
  4. another name for graph
  5. astrology another word for horoscope
  6. the charts informal.
    the lists produced weekly from various sources of the bestselling pop singles and albums or the most popular videos


  1. tr to make a chart of
  2. tr to make a detailed plan of
  3. tr to plot or outline the course of
  4. intr (of a record or video) to appear in the charts (sense 6)

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Derived Forms

  • ˈchartable, adjective

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Other Words From

  • charta·ble adjective
  • pre·chart verb (used with object)
  • pre·charted adjective
  • re·chart verb (used with object)
  • well-charted adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chart1

1565–75; from Middle French charte, from Latin c(h)arta; charta

Origin of chart2

From the Latin word charta

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chart1

C16: from Latin, from Greek khartēs papyrus, literally: something on which to make marks; related to Greek kharattein to engrave

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. off the charts, greatly exceeding the general level or average: Also off the chart.

    Demand for the new phone is off the charts.

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Synonym Study

See map.

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Example Sentences

Whether coming into search results or getting featured or hitting top charts, in one way or the other, your app needs to be discoverable and visible to the audience.

If you filter the flow chart by source, you can also see how different traffic behaves.

We also knew we wanted to try to lift the curtain a little on how that top-line chart comes to exist in the first place.

These trend charts are just one small step towards my efficient marketing.

As you can see in the chart below, the share of Republicans who reported staying home as much as possible has ticked up by at least 10 points since the start of July.

“The threat streams to U.S. interests and Western interests are off the chart,” he said.

It was creative thinking like this that helped it debut at number one on Billboard Top Heatseekers Chart.

Its inclusion in Record of the Year is on track with the recent trend of all nominees being chart-toppers.

The book hit the top spot during the week of Sept. 25, 2011 but fell off the chart the next week.

The song did indeed become an underground hit before hitting the mainstream, reaching No. 15 on the RB singles chart.

In Captain Cook's rough chart there is twelve fathoms marked between two shoals which must mean the above.

The reef that is laid down upon the chart, in latitude 29 degrees 10 minutes is from Van Keulen.

In coasting along the shore, you will discern the summits which are marked on the chart.

It is the Tache blanche remarquable of De Freycinet's chart.

As will be seen by the chart, Bowness is situated about a little north of the half length of the Lake.


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