[ pahy-seez, pis-eez ]
/ ˈpaɪ siz, ˈpɪs iz /

noun, genitive Pis·ci·um [pish-ee-uh m] /ˈpɪʃ i əm/, for 1.

Astronomy. the Fishes, a zodiacal constellation between Aries and Aquarius.
  1. the twelfth sign of the zodiac: the mutable water sign.
  2. a person born under this sign, usually between February 19th and March 20th.
the class of vertebrates comprising the fish and sometimes including, in certain classifications, the cyclostomes.

Origin of Pisces

< New Latin, Latin piscēs, plural of piscis fish
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/ (ˈpaɪsiːz, ˈpɪ-) /

noun Latin genitive Piscium (ˈpaɪsɪəm)

astronomy a faint extensive zodiacal constellation lying between Aquarius and Aries on the ecliptic
  1. Also called: the Fishes the twelfth sign of the zodiac, symbol ♓, having a mutable water classification and ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. The sun is in this sign between about Feb 19 and March 20
  2. a person born when the sun is in this sign
  1. a taxonomic group that comprises all fishesSee fish (def. 1)
  2. a taxonomic group that comprises the bony fishes onlySee teleost


astrology born under or characteristic of Pisces
Also (for senses 2b, 4): Piscean (ˈpaɪsɪən)

Word Origin for Pisces

C14: Latin: the fishes
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[ pīsēz ]

A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Aries and Pegasus. Pisces (the Fishes) is the twelfth sign of the zodiac.
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