[ saj-i-tair-ee-uhs ]

noun,genitive Sag·it·tar·i·i [saj-i-tair-ee-ahy] /ˌsædʒ ɪˈtɛər iˌaɪ/ for 1.
  1. Astronomy. the Archer, a zodiacal constellation between Scorpius and Capricorn.

  2. Astrology.

    • the ninth sign of the zodiac: the mutable fire sign.

    • a person born under this sign, usually between November 22nd and December 21st; a Sagittarian.

Origin of Sagittarius

1350–1400; Middle English <Latin sagittārius archer, equivalent to sagitt(a) arrow + -ārius-ary

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British Dictionary definitions for Sagittarius


/ (ˌsædʒɪˈtɛərɪəs) /

nounLatin genitive Sagittarii (ˌsædʒɪˈtɛərɪˌaɪ)
  1. astronomy a large conspicuous zodiacal constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Scorpius and Capricornus on the ecliptic and crossed by the Milky Way and containing the galactic centre

  2. Also called: the Archer astrology

    • the ninth sign of the zodiac, symbol ♐, having a mutable fire classification and ruled by the planet Jupiter. The sun is in this sign between Nov 22 and Dec 21

    • a person born when the sun is in this sign

  1. astrology born under or characteristic of Sagittarius

Origin of Sagittarius

C14: from Latin: an archer, from sagitta an arrow
  • Also (for senses 2b, 3): Sagittarian (ˌsædʒɪˈtɛərɪən)

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Scientific definitions for Sagittarius


[ săj′ĭ-târē-əs ]

  1. A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Scorpius and Capricornus. Sagittarius (the Archer) is the ninth sign of the zodiac.

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