World Redhead Day

What does World Redhead Day mean?

World Redhead Day is an unofficial holiday dedicated to the celebration of people who have red hair.

Related words:

  • Redhead Day
  • Kiss a Ginger Day
  • National Love Your Red Hair Day
Examples of World Redhead Day


Examples of World Redhead Day
@TRex21, November, 2016
PSA it's National Love Your Redhead Day. National Kick a Ginger Day is slated for the 20th so be sure to pencil that in as well
@MLind20, November, 2015
May all the gingers today raise up their bottles of spf and make a toast to celebrate paleness, freckles,& uniqueness #nationalredheadday
@madddlib, November, 2017

Where does World Redhead Day come from?

World Redhead Day is celebrated around the world, although it is not recognized as an official holiday by any one country. It is typically celebrated in late May or November.

In case you had no idea: A redhead is technically defined as “a person having red hair,” but the term can also apply to people who have auburn hair, which is a reddish-brown or golden-brown color. People with red hair are also called gingers or ginges.

World Redhead Day is of unknown origin, however it has borne offshoots, including National Love Your Red Hair Day and Kiss a Ginger Day. In the Netherlands, a similar holiday called Redhead Day or Roodharigendag, is celebrated in September.

Who uses World Redhead Day?

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