Hilariously Inappropriate Pick-Up Lines for Book Nerds

Even if you’re not an avid library-goer, you can still play it off like one thanks to this saucy pickup line. Say it to any book enthusiast and they’ll totally get the play on overdue library fees. Plus, they’ll be so thrilled you actually know what a library is, they might actually take you up on a date.

Mumble the title Fahrenheit 451 to any true bibliophile and they’ll probably swoon. There’s nothing like a classic dystopian novel that brings out the butterflies. Not only are you referencing a good book with this pick-up line, but you’re calling your love interest hot, burning hot, too.

Another nod to every reader’s favorite place, this pickup line speaks to the authentic bookworms out there. Think about it: Who doesn’t want to get asked out by a person who has their own library card and isn’t afraid to use it?

Are there really Great Expectations? You bet—especially when reading anything from Charles Dickens. And, getting hit on by someone mentioning the literary great comes with its own set of expectations. This pickup line is bold, but anyone whose up for the challenge deserves at least one date.

While fairly dirty, this pickup line still works. Because every book nerd knows what’s on the best-seller list, right? Alright, you might not know all of them, and that’s ok. It takes some time to sort through the good and bad, but once you find one you like, it’s hard to put it down. Kind of like a significant other!

Raunchy meets this logophile-appropriate (word-lover) pickup line. While not necessarily our type of “word of the day” here at (probably better for the cast of Animal House), don’t say you weren’t warned if it doesn’t win over the girl reading Jane Austen.

Yes, it’s vulgar but there’s no way this pickup line won’t make the recipient crack a smile. That said, you’ll probably want to reserve this one for your friends or a person you’re already comfortable with. Even the most engaged reader might lift their nose out of their book to gaze at the charmer behind this phrase.

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