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best of luck

[ best uhv luhk ]

What does best of luck mean?

Best of luck is a phrase used to express hope that someone will succeed at something. It is also used to describe the kind of luck a person has.

Best of luck is often used by itself or in the phrase “Best of luck to you.” Best of luck is used to give both genuine support, as well as to suggest that a situation seems hopeless.

Example: Best of luck to you in the job hunt!

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Where does best of luck come from?

Luck is a force that supposedly causes good or bad things to happen to someone. Best describes something as having the highest quality. If someone has the best of luck, they always seem to have good things happen to them.

The first records of best of luck come from around 1859. It can be used to mean a person is very lucky or successful and has only good things happen to them. Used by itself, best of luck gives a person encouragement and wishes them success in whatever they’re trying to do, especially a difficult task.


Examples of best of luck

Good night of hoops at the Castle. Big thank you to Winfield for coming down. Best of luck to the Lady Generals this season.
@CMKnightsWBB, March 3, 2021
So, the surprise of 2021 could be Draghi (again) and a renaissance for Italy? I wish him the best of luck.
Mike O'Sullivan, Forbes, February 5, 2020

Who uses best of luck?

Best of luck is a common phrase used to wish someone good luck and hope they find success. It is often used interchangeably with the similar phrase good luck.

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