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dick print

or dickprint

What does dick print mean?

A dick print is the outline of a penis as seen bulging through clothing.

Where does dick print come from?

dick print
Daily Mail

A dick print occurs when a man’s pants, shorts, or underwear are so tight or fit in such a way, like clingy athletic wear, as to reveal the shape of his penis.

As early 2003, dick print was humorously used as the penis equivalent of a fingerprint or thumbprint, words on which dick print is modeled. The specific use of dick print to describe a penis’s outline through pants, however, goes back to at least 2006, when the term began appearing in internet erotica and first appeared on Urban Dictionary. By 2009, the term dick print had become familiar to users of social media like Twitter.

In 2016 and early 2017, the hashtag #DickPrintsBreakTheInternet spread, with the intention of “breaking the internet” by posting as many dick print photos as possible.

Examples of dick print

“Just spotted a really nice dick print in green sweats downtown If that was you hmu”
TheJerkJournal @XJerkXJournalX Twitter (May 6, 2017)
“So u out here tryanna put yo dick print on display, huh?  - eyes emoji
@Beejangles Twitter (May 7, 2017)
“DJ/producer Calvin Harris and his professionally enhanced dick print are featured in a new set of Emporio Armani ads for their spring/summer collection.”
Clover Hope, “Before & After: Calvin Harris and His Dick Print Have Come a Long Way,” Jezebel (February 17, 2015)

Who uses dick print?

A dick print is similar to camel toe, when the shape of a woman’s vulva is visible through clothing, and moose knuckle, the male equivalent, especially referring to the outline of the testicles through clothing. Moose knuckle, however, is most often applied to too-tight clothing and used as humorous slang.

Dick print, meanwhile, may be used more neutrally to describe the unwelcome phenomenon of the shape of one’s penis showing through clothing, including loose-fitting clothes like sweatpants or gym shorts.

In many cases, images of dick prints are promoted or sought out online as “sexy” photos. Men, including celebrities, will post pictures of their dick prints, sometimes as part of the #EggplantFriday hashtag, calling them dick print pics. For many others, though, the strong language and sexual content of dick print is offensive or inappropriate.

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